Satisfaction of habitual wearers of reusable multifocal lenses when refitted with a daily disposable, silicone hydrogel multifocal lens

Satisfaction of habitual wearers of reusable multifocal lenses when refitted with a daily disposable, silicone hydrogel multifocal lens

Jill Woods MSc MCOptom FAAO FBCLA
Sarah Guthrie PhD
Jalaiah Varikooty MSc
Lyndon Jones PhD DSc FCOptom FAAO FBCLA

Purpose: Visual performance with multifocal contact lenses (MFCL) can vary with lens design. This study simulated a real-world refit of habitual wearers of reusable MFCL with a silicone hydrogel (somofilcon A), daily disposable multifocal (DDMF) lens to assess visual and overall experience with the new design and modality.

Method: Subjects rated the DDMF and compared it with their habitual reusable MFCL.  The habitual MFCL prescription was not reviewed or confirmed as optimal, though all reported having an eye-examination within 2-years.  Subjects were masked to the DDMF brand. After 2 weeks of daily wear with the new lens, subjects reported their experience using 0-10 ratings and Likert scales.

Results: Twenty-eight subjects, spanning 14 habitual lens brands, completed the study.  Visual acuity with DDMF was statistically better than with habitual MFCL for all four distances measured (all p<0.05); distance (≥6m): -0.040.09, long intermediate (1.5m): -0.110.11, short intermediate (0.75m): -0.100.09, and near (0.4m): 0.020.09.  Subjective vision clarity was statistically better with the DDMF for distance tasks in the dark, long intermediate tasks, and when considering all visual needs (all p<0.05). There were no statistical differences (all p>0.05) for vision clarity performing tasks at distance, short intermediate and near. When asked for a preference, the DDMF was significantly preferred over habitual for long intermediate tasks (p=0.03), but not different for tasks at other distances. Ease of insertion was statistically better with the DDMF (p=0.03); ease of removal was not different. End of day comfort was not different from the habitual lenses (p=0.10), however the DDMF was rated better for end-of-day dryness (p=0.01) and overall satisfaction with lenses (p=0.04).

Conclusions: This daily disposable, silicone hydrogel (somofilcon A), multifocal lens provided good vision and overall performance. Many ratings showed it to provide statistically better performance than their habitual reusable MFCL, supporting the benefits of a trial wear period.

1st Author Biography: Jill is Head of Clinical Research at the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE), University of Waterloo, Canada, which she joined in 2005. She oversees clinical research trials from concept to final report, and serves on CORE’s management team. Jill’s work mainly involves the fields of contact lenses, with particular interest in presbyopia and comfort, and controlling myopia progression.  Jill completed her Optometry degree in London, UK and has experience in her own private practice, low-vision hospital work, clinical teaching and continuing education. She attained her PostGradCert in Bus Admin in 2004 and her MSc in 2019.

*Data correct at the time of submission to BCLA by NCC.