Evaluation of children in the Netherlands fitted with a dual focus 1 day contact lens

Evaluation of children in the Netherlands fitted with a dual focus 1 day contact lens

Gabi Steenbekkers BOptom

Purpose: While studies on dual focus 1 day lenses for myopia control have demonstrated their efficacy and clinical performance on children in controlled clinical trials, performance and wearer acceptance in a real-world practice environment is also an important consideration. This work was to evaluate the progression of myopia in a small cohort of children fitted with a dual focus 1 day contact lens.

Method: Fifteen children (five male and ten female) aged 10 to 18 years with myopia (right eye mean spherical equivalent refraction = -2.68, ±1.08D, range -1.00 to -4.75D) were assessed as suitable for contact lens wear. Refractive error was assessed by standard clinical objective and subjective methods. Children were fitted with a dual focus design, 1 day lens (omafilcon A; DF1d). Visual acuity were recorded using a LCD chart (Topcon CC-100XP). Distance and near phoria was assessed by cover uncover test. The change in myopia progression was assessed 12 months after wearing DF1d. Data are presented for right eye.

Results: Visual acuity ranged from 0.90 to 1.10 while wearing the DF1d. After 12 months of DF1d wear the progression of myopia was -0.05 ±0.10D, range 0 to -0.25D. Myopia progression was assessed as a change in contact lens power dispensed. No change in phoria was found and no asthenopic symptoms were reported. There was also good acceptance subjectively for comfort and handling. All children found the vision acceptable and reported they were happy wearing the lens.

Conclusions: Children who were fitted with DF1d have a stable refraction after 12 months of wearing this myopia management lens.

1st Author Biography: Gabi Steenbekkers  BOptom.  Gabi Steenbekkers graduated from the Christiaan Huygens Optician School in the Netherlands in 1995.   In 1999 Gabi did an Optometry internship at the University of Durban-Westville (South Africa) and graduated from the Hogeschool Utrecht, (Optometry School) in the Netherlands in 1999.  Since his graduation as optometrist he worked in several private practices in the Netherlands. Experienced in fitting Ortho K lenses over 18 years and has special interest in the field of Myopia Management.  Gabi joined Procornea Nederland B.V., Eerbeek in 2019 as Myopia Management Specialist and is member of EU MiSight® 1 day team.

*Data correct at the time of submission to BCLA by NCC.